Corporate Capacity Building area


The Corporate Capacity Building area has been part of the activities under the responsibility of Centro Lucio Costa since August 2019, and its objective is to keep Iphan's civil servants updated on the technical, administrative and legal procedures required for the accomplishment of their functional attributions. Working in close partnership with the Union Government Schools System (SEGU), in addition to generating specific content for the activities developed by Iphan, it will seek to make available to the civil servants the training materials, developed by the members of this system, that are relevant to our field of action. Internally, in order to accomplish its role, it will work in close dialogue with all departments of the institution, especially with the Department of Planning and Administration, which will still perform certain training activities, completing the full spectrum of activities required by the civil servants. In addition, maintaining the tradition of assisting in the formation of all segments of the Brazilian society and of institutions aimed at preserving our cultural heritage, the materials made available to the civil servants will not be restricted for use by the public in general.

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