Category 2 Centres (CC2)


In recent years, the framework of training and research in the area of Cultural Heritage has changed significantly. Among the factors that contributed to these changes is the establishment in various regions of the world of training institutions that have been granted Category 2 Centres (CC2) status under the auspices of UNESCO. Although not part of its structure, they are associated with the Organization through formal agreements approved by the General Conference and committed to supporting the strategic objectives of the UNESCO Program.

The CC2 are funded directly by the Member States in which they are based, but they reach far beyond the borders of their host countries. There are regional centres and those that cover more than one region or are organized around a thematic issue. Some work in training and research, while others act as foundations or funds to support the activities of other organizations.

Nordic World Heritage Foundation (Oslo, Noruega)
African World Heritage Fund (Midrand, África do Sul)
World Heritage Institute for Training and Research in Asia and the Pacific (Xangai, China)
Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage - ARC/WH (Manama, Bahrein)
Regional World Heritage Institute (Zacatecas, México)
Internacional Centre for Rock Art and tehe World Heritage Convention 
Crespial - Centro Regional para la Salvaguardia del Patrimonio Cultural Immaterial de America Latina (Cuzco, Peru)

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